Polarity Therapist and Author


I am a Therapist, Educator, and Educational Consultant and Trainer currently living and practicing in Lachine, Quebec. As well as a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology, I have diplomas and have been certified as both an Early Childhood and Family Life Educator. I have been working as an alternative therapist since 1990. I am a licensed Massotherapist, Aromatherapist, and Reflexologist working with Lymphatic Drainage and the Metamorphic Technique. I am a Registered Polarity Educator, as well as Practitioner, and have had advanced training in Cranio Sacral and Myofascial work. As a Psychosynthesist, I have training and experience in working with Deep Trauma, I often work eclectically, and have been trained to use the Energy Psychologies (EMDR, EFT). I am also a Colour/light and Sound Therapist with the ability to work long distance.

I am an accomplice with Oh Shinnah FastWolf who works in the ways of the Shishindi people, and have been given permission to conduct Sacred Fire/Moon Ceremony. I am also an initiate of Sant Mat/Shabd Yoga and a disciple of the current living master, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

I can be reached at 514-634-3358


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